Best physiotherapy treatments for patients to choose
Due to the COVID pandemic, we have all been restricted in more ways than one. Not being able to access family, social groups, daily services and activities ...

29 March, 2024

How to prevent the most common tennis injuries
The nights are finally lighter, the weather’s getting warmer, and it’s approaching that time ofthe year when we’ll be glued to the TV with our strawberries and ...

30 June, 2023

Aquatherapy: swimming for physiotherapy
Swimming is widely recognised as one of the most effective forms of exercise, providing a full body workout and being great for cardiovascular fitness.

26 June, 2023

Epsom salt in everyday life
After a challenging day at work or a rigorous workout, there’s often nothing better than a warm, relaxing bath to help ease muscle tension and calm a busy mind.

25 May, 2023

Managing and treating muscle pain from excessive sneezing
For most of us, when we sneeze, it’s not something we tend to worry too much about.

18 May, 2023

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    14 September, 2021

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