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How Physiotherapy Works

The Healing Power of 
Expert Care

With a close consultation from our highly skilled therapists, General Practitioners, and Consultants, we ensure a coordinated and efficient recovery process. Be it muscle tension, joint issues, or rehabilitation from an injury, our treatments are meticulously crafted to each individual's requirements, focusing on fast relief and sustainable healing.

Our Core Capabilities

Unparalleled Expertise for Your Health

Manipulative therapy

Our therapists excel in spinal and peripheral joint manipulation and mobilization, making targeted interventions for maximum impact.

Soft tissue massage and mobilisation

We provide soft tissue massage to relieve muscle tension, support circulation, and encourage optimal muscular function.

Active and Passive Exercise therapy

From progressive stretching to strength-building exercises, we ensure you're actively involved in your recovery process.

Ergonomic advice & exercise management

We equip you with knowledge about proper ergonomics and effective exercise routines to prevent injuries and promote overall health.


We specialize in Electrotherapy techniques, leveraging controlled electric impulses for therapeutic effects and pain management.

Services We Offer

A Physical Therapy Solution for Every Need


Our Physiotherapy treatments utilize mainly manual techniques to restore function, promote healing, and alleviate pain.

Shockwave Therapy

An excellent solution for chronic pain conditions, our Shockwave Therapy speeds up recovery by stimulating your body's natural healing mechanisms.


By harnessing the power of electric energy, our Electrotherapy treatments aim to mitigate pain, enhance circulation, and encourage tissue repair.

Your Journey at CK Physio

Our Four-Step Path to a Pain-Free Life

From the moment you first connect with us until you achieve your recovery milestones, CK Physio has a personalised and empathetic approach to your health journey. Your pain is our mission—your triumph, our fulfilment. Here's how our process works:


Book a phone triage

An initial telephone consultation is needed to understand your medical history and current symptoms.

First Visit

First Visit

A comprehensive physical assessment, discussing findings, and commencement of treatment.

It’s personal

It’s personal

Development of a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your specific health needs.

Continued support

Continued support

Receive ongoing support, follow-up treatments, and necessary adjustments to sustain your recovery.

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Client Testimonials

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Alex Carter

I was skeptical about physiotherapy, but Alex proved me wrong. His patience, knowledge, and encouragement were instrumental in my rehabilitation. Now, I'm back to my active lifestyle with newfound strength and mobility.

Rachel Anderson

Rachel is a gem! Her compassionate and skilled approach made my physiotherapy sessions enjoyable. She not only addressed my immediate concerns but also empowered me with tools to maintain a healthy, pain-free life. Grateful for her expertise!

Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan's expertise in physiotherapy is unmatched. He not only treated my injury but also focused on overall wellness. His dedication and friendly demeanor made the rehabilitation process smoother. I wholeheartedly recommend him!

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