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21. July 2021

physiotherapy treatment rehabilitation for children

As adults we’re used to experiencing aches and pains, joking with young ones not to get old or be careful so as not to get injured and also to make sure they look after their bodies.

Being an adult (yes sometimes it’s boring) we’re easily able to express our issues and seek professional advice or relevant treatment.

Yet children need us to be aware of what they’re feeling and how to sort it quickly.

When your child may be sick, injured or experience mobility issues, physiotherapy treatment can be effective rehabilitation for children.

Today we will talk about physiotherapy for children and cover the following:;

  • Is physiotherapy for children safe;
  • Common conditions paediatric physiotherapy treatment is suitable for;
  • Physiotherapy activities given for rehabilitation for children
  • How to best choose physiotherapy for children

Plus we will also give some tips and advice on how to support your child to maintain good health and posture.

What is Pediatric Physiotherapy?;

Physiotherapy treatment promotes the health and wellbeing of all.;;

With physiotherapists being responsible for the assessment, physical management and treatment of those who have been affected by an accident, injury, disease or disability.

For paediatric physiotherapy treatment (or physiotherapy for children), therapists have specific knowledge to support this plus concentrating on your child’s overall health and development.;

Paediatric physiotherapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy focused on the unique needs of babies, children and young people. Your child may need a child physiotherapist if they’re experiencing developmental, neurological, respiratory or musculoskeletal difficulties as a result of illness, injury or disability.

Pediatric physiotherapists understand the importance of delivering their services whilst working closely with the child, parent and carers. Plus incorporating a wide range of professionals in order to maximise your child’s physical abilities and independence.

Is Physiotherapy for Children Safe?;

Physiotherapy helps a child function at their maximum potential.

Your child is your pride and joy and their safety is paramount. Each case is as unique as each individual; with all babies, children and young people having special personalities and potential.

Physiotherapists realise this and know that your child isn’t just a small adult, so thoughtfully accommodate practices to reflect this. Pediatric physiotherapy can be delivered to children aged 0-17 (sometimes till age 19 in special circumstances).

Regardless of your child’s injury, condition or ability, a pediatric physiotherapist will ensure that physiotherapy treatment for your child is safe.

Child physiotherapists undergo significant training, acquiring additional skills of (but limited to):;

  • Child development
  • Childhood diseases and conditions;
  • Child-centred planning
  • Therapeutic interventions optimising well being and development

Common Conditions Treated by Paediatric Physiotherapy;

Paediatric physiotherapists treat babies, children and young people with a wide range of conditions.; Some are similar to those found in adults, yet some are specific to children.

The following is a list of conditions that physiotherapy for children can effectively treat (but not limited to):

  • Acute injuries (soft tissue, joints, fractures and sports injuries);
  • Congenital disorders (Spina Bifida, talipes equinovarus);
  • ;Co-ordination difficulties;
  • ;Developmental conditions;
  • Developmental delays (head control, balance, sitting, walking);
  • Neuromuscular disorders (Muscular Dystrophy);
  • Neurological conditions (Cerebal Palsy, head or spinal injury);
  • Respiratory conditions (Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis)
  • Rheumatological conditions (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis);

Physiotherapy for Children: Activities Given for Rehabilitation;

Just like adults, physiotherapy for children uses a variety of exercises and activities to achieve the best outcomes.;;

Activities and exercises are tailored to each child’s unique needs and specific physiotherapy goals.

Here are some of the exercises and activities usually provided (but not limited to):

  • Core stability exercises;
  • Flexibility exercises;
  • Hydrotherapy;
  • Manual therapies;
  • Movement and exercise;
  • Postural education;
  • Respiratory care

How to support your child’s good health and posture;

Paediatric physiotherapy treatment is great for rehabilitation but it isn’t just within the treatment room that work or improvement should happen.

More time is spent with family or peers and this is where support is valued to help encourage the implementation and continuation of their exercises to achieve their goals.;

It’s equally important, where possible to ensure that you help to keep your child in good health.; This includes diet, exercise and posture.

As it currently stands, working from home and remote learning are on the increase. This means postural care is a necessity.

Maintaining good posture can help (but not limited to):

  • Muscle and joints
  • Healthy spine;
  • A good frame of mind;
  • Improve circulation and digestion

7 Health Benefits of Good Posture | Muscle & Fitness (

To avoid common strains like ‘Tech Neck’ from too much time spent on devices, be sure to take intermittent breaks and try relaxing activities together such as child yoga or meditation.

What To Consider When Choosing Paediatric Physiotherapy;

When choosing physiotherapy for children there are a few things you need to consider.

  • Are they chartered physiotherapists specialised in working with children and paediatric conditions?
  • Do they have provisions to suit your needs? (eg online service)
  • Are they able to communicate and ease any worries or concerns you or your child may have?;
  • Can they effectively liaise with other medical professionals or teams involved in your child’s care?;
  • Do they have enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

At CK Physio we understand the pressure of needing to choose the right solutions for your child.;

As chartered physiotherapists, CK Physio offers various treatment options to facilitate physiotherapy sessions for children. We provide virtual physiotherapy sessions for those children that may be restricted due to shielding or who may find it difficult to attend our clinic.

We keep parents/carers involved throughout the assessment and treatment process to ensure a clear understanding of what is happening and how it can be integrated outside of the clinic.

Use our online booking form today for your first virtual consultation to answer any questions or queries you may have about physiotherapy for children and to see if this is the right solution.

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