23. December 2016

physiotherapy treatment addresses muscle imbalance and poor posture

Physiotherapy offers treatment options for various physical conditions in a therapeutic and preventative capacity. The correction of muscle and posture imbalances is one of the areas that a physiotherapist can help with. There is a myriad of factors influencing posture and most people don’t think much about them until their problems become severe.

Alleviating Muscle Imbalance and Poor Posture of Clients

To ensure an upright position, a host of biological systems that work together determines an individual’s posture. Muscle imbalances are closely related to posture problems and occur when some sections of the body develop tighter muscles than others.

They can happen in people of all ages, and most of them are simple, meaning that they may not pose threats, but some cases may need the intervention of a physiotherapy professional for proper treatment.

Dangers of Muscle Imbalances

Prolonged muscle imbalance can continue to damage the spine, ligaments, and joints, among others, as the system gets out of alignment. When this happens, the internal organs fail to get adequate support, thus interfering with the whole system.

Daily activities such as sports and work can be the causes of poor posture and imbalances of the muscles. When you work with poor ergonomics or exercise incorrectly, there are chances of messing with your posture and muscles.

A physio in London can treat such conditions with corrective exercises to strengthen the weak group of muscles and stretch the tight ones. Achieving this requires an expert to get a full understanding of your musculoskeletal system so as to provide the necessary treatment.

A practitioner of physiotherapy has to look at the muscles that provide the spine, pelvis, and hip with stability. An accurate assessment guarantees that the physiotherapist fixes the muscles that need correction.

Customised Care

The stress that the ligaments, tendons, and muscles feel varies in individuals; similarly, the reasons for having poor posture varies for each patient. For this reason, a physio ensures that patients get personalised treatments.

After evaluating the patient, a physiotherapist will structure a muscle imbalance correction therapy that corresponds to the patient’s challenges. Poor posture that is caused by muscle imbalance can be very painful, depending on its severity; and so, a physiotherapist will work to relieve it and get the patient back to his regular activities.

Additionally, poor posture affects how an individual looks, meaning that it can interfere with self-confidence easily.

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