22. April 2016

physio in london helps people with joint pain, other chronic ailments

Physiotherapy takes a holistic approach to alleviate a wide variety of ailments, especially where there is a lack of mobility due to injury, age, disease or other factors. It is a hands-on technique practised by skilled professionals who treat patients, primarily, by manually stimulating affected areas of the body and prescribing relevant exercises. The process aims at assisting the body’s natural healing process.

As a holistic method of treatment, potential benefits extend beyond just physical improvement—positive psychological effects can also be achieved. These days, acupuncture can be used with physio as a complementary procedure to boost the healing process still further and it is common to integrate chiropractic, as well.

Although physiotherapy is non-invasive and doesn’t involve the prescription of drugs per se, it can often be carried out in conjunction with other medical treatment, including surgery and pharmaceutical medicine.

If you have undergone surgery, you may well be prescribed a course of physiotherapy. However, if you are suffering from a chronic problem with joint pain that is associated with age, have problems due to repetitive work practices, or are experiencing the after-effects of a sporting injury, you would be well advised to seek out the kind of professional treatment and advice that cannot be satisfactorily substituted with prescription drugs.

If any of these applies to you and you are looking for physio in London, it’s worth seeking out the services of a reputable physio—someone who is preferably chartered, fully certified and with solid experience in the field, like CK Physio.

A physiotherapist can put you at ease in a relaxed environment whilst conducting an examination, offering a diagnosis, a prognosis and, should you agree, setting out a series of sessions to either alleviate the problem or work toward a complete cure.

Treatment is based on your individual circumstances and takes into consideration your lifestyle, habits, age, activities and so on. This approach is much better for getting down to the root cause of the problem so as to target it more effectively. Drugs may be able to provide some relief, but they are indiscriminate. This is why physiotherapy in London offers superior long-term treatment because you are dealing with an experienced practitioner who knows what is likely to work and what isn’t.

So, if you are suffering from that debilitating back pain, chronic neck problems, or niggling joint pains which are adversely affecting quality of life, both physically and emotionally, get in touch with a physio in London such as CK Physio who can offer a wide range of treatment and complementary therapy to get you moving more freely and living your life with less discomfort.


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