7. April 2014

managing pains: london physiotherapy treatments for pregnancy issues

Common in pregnancy, pelvic and lower back pains may be effectively treated with physiotherapy modalities. Janet Wright, a regular columnist for Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, summarises a comprehensive review on randomised control trials that involved physiotherapy treatments for pregnant women.

"Physiotherapy can relieve some of the most common pains women experience during pregnancy, a Cochrane review has shown.

More than two thirds of pregnant women have lower back pain, and nearly a fifth feel pain in the pelvic area.

Victoria Pennick and Sarah D Liddle, of the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group, reviewed 26 trials in which women received a treatment in addition to usual care, and were compared with those who received only the usual care.

More than 4000 women took part. Physiotherapy was found to relieve both back and pelvic pain more than usual care alone.

A multimodal intervention including manual therapy, exercise and education also helped, as did osteopathy, acupuncture or use of a rigid pelvic belt."

Because of the risks of side effects when using conventional medicine, non-invasive therapies are preferred by most physicians, therapists, and pregnant women in addressing bodily aches and pains often associated with pregnancy. Effective physiotherapy in London are treatments of this benign nature, which is why referrals to physio specialists are quite common.

Here are other pregnancy issues that physio methods can treat:


Women may experience incontinence, especially during their pregnancy and after childbirth. Weakened pelvic floor muscles is the usual cause. Pelvic floor strengthening exercises can prevent incontinence from developing or worsening.

Safe exercises during pregnancy

Exercises during pregnancy are recommended to prevent obesity and pregnancy-induced high blood pressure or high blood sugar. Physio specialists assist pregnant women in safe passive and active exercises. Individualised mild to moderate independent exercise programmes are also advised.

Proper posture and ergonomic advice

Because of the natural changes in their body, pregnant women often acquire improper postures in their daily activities. They may also find it difficult to position themselves comfortably when they are sleeping or resting. Posture and ergonomic recommendations can be given by the physiotherapist to manage these concerns and prevent injury.

Physio specialists, like those at CK Physiotherapy, offer effective physio in London that can help pregnant women deal with pregnancy-related physiological issues. The therapist can work together with the patient’s obstetrician to provide holistic care and achieve positive outcomes during the pregnancy.

(Source: Skilled hands ease the pain of pregnancy, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, October 23, 2013)

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