12. September 2016

ealing physiotherapy: sound advice for managing work-related back pain

Back pain is a common workplace injury. From sitting in front of a computer at length to lifting heavy objects, employees open themselves to the risk of back pain and injury every time they stress their back too much. Your Ealing physiotherapy centre would like you to keep in mind these tips to help you reduce the potential for lower back pain at work.

Understanding the common causes of work-related back pain

Three common factors contribute to back pain at work. These include exerting too much force on the back, repeatedly twisting and rotating the spine, and inactivity. That said, there also other contributors to back pain, such as obesity, poor physical condition, and aging. Though you can’t do anything about aging, you can focus on eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising regularly to strengthen your back muscles. In addition, follow these best practices to protect your back from getting injured at work:

Proper lifting

To lift a heavy object properly, do so with your legs and not your back. Instead of stooping, squat and bend the knees. Pull in your abdominal muscles, and keep the object as close to the body as possible for support.

Ergonomic seats

If you are already suffering from back pain, you may want to request your seat to be replaced by one that straightens your back and provides adequate lumbar support. While seated, keep the knees higher than the hips to lessen the load on your back.

Take frequent breaks

Limit the time you spend sitting in front of your computer and stand up and move around every 30 minutes. Avoid unnecessary bending, reaching, and twisting. Likewise, limit the time you spend carrying heavy bags, purses, and briefcases. Use a rolling suitcase instead.

Medical treatment for back pain

If your back pain starts to worsen, consider visiting an Ealing physiotherapy practice such as CK Physio. The therapists at these facilities are highly skilled and knowledgeable in many physiotherapy techniques that contribute to the full recovery of their patients. Listen to your body and don’t let your pain get out of hand. Get in touch with one of these facilities today to start receiving the treatment that you need.


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