26. April 2016

the benefits of physiotherapy: treating mobility issues in older people

Ageing is part of life that happens to everyone and when it does, some problems come with it. Mobility challenges are some of the frequent issues in ageing individuals. Seniors are susceptible to various diseases that may affect their mobility.

Various physiotherapy centres in Ealing such as CK Physio provide treatment options that can counter the effects that old age has on the body. With the right physiotherapy treatment, it is possible for an elderly person to live normally and stay active for a long time. Here are several ways that physiotherapy can help.

Diseases and Conditions Due to Old Age

Old age leaves an individual prone to various diseases and conditions, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, heart ailments, respiratory problems, and back and neck pains. Coupling physiotherapy with other treatments can help reduce the risk of having these conditions. Exercises and massages, for instance, can help with blood circulation and improved respiration thereby decreasing heart problems.

Faster Recovery

Physiotherapy can help reduce recovery time for some common conditions. Recovery for an elderly person naturally takes longer but with physiotherapy, it can be faster. The right exercise will improve tissue regenerations, blood circulation, and muscle strength, making the healing process less complicated. Physiotherapy is especially useful for individuals who have been through surgical procedures.

Treating and Preventing Falls

Slip and falls are relatively common in older people. A fall can cause leg or hip injuries that can severely impact movement. Physiotherapists can prescribe activities that will enhance proper and faster healing of such injuries. Physiotherapy can also help prevent slip and falls. Most of these cases happen due to poor movement and balance. Exercise can help an ageing individual attain better balance and improve muscle strength.

Regaining Independence

Loss of mobility in older people means losing their independence. Having to depend on other people for even the little things can be frustrating. With Ealing physio, an expert can offer a regimen to help regain or improve mobility. Some cases of immobility are temporary and with the right physiotherapy treatment, an individual can get back some form of normalcy and dignity.

Comfortable Living

In cases where an elderly person cannot regain their mobility, physiotherapy can help reduce the pain. If a senior suffers a traumatic physical injury or a stroke that leaves them immobile permanently, physiotherapy will be effective in relieving distress. It can make it easier for such an individual to live comfortably.


Physiotherapy can transform the NHS and lives of older adults,

Physical Therapy a Boon for Seniors,

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