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Embrace a Natural Pathway to Optimal Health

Hanwell and Ealing’s Trusted Centre for Comprehensive Physiotherapy

Delighted to serve Hanwell and Ealing and the surrounding areas of West London, CK Physiotherapy champions a natural, holistic course towards health. Our expert Chartered Physiotherapists utilise manual, non-invasive methods, providing personalised treatments in a comfortable, serene environment. We're skilled in activating the body's healing responses for many conditions, from easing joint muscle conditions through shockwave therapy to relieving pain through practices like acupuncture. In collaboration with local General Practitioners, we offer a spectrum of services, from massages to electrotherapy.

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Our Services

Tailored Treatments for Your Unique Needs


Tailored treatments to improve mobility, relieve pain, and boost recovery from injury or ailments. Unlock your body's potential for lasting health and well-being.

Shockwave Therapy

Revolutionary, non-invasive therapy that accelerates healing and reduces pain for chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Discover faster recovery and increased functionality.


Unleash the therapeutic power of electric energy with our Electrotherapy, designed to alleviate discomfort, stimulate circulation, and accelerate tissue repair.

Embark on a Wellness Journey

Transformative Physiotherapies at CK Physiotherapy

From the more elderly with joint pain to athletes nursing sports injuries, CK Physiotherapy shapes treatment plans for your unique needs and optimises your body's natural capacities.

Powerful Physiotherapy, Personal to You

Better Health and Mobility Await

Customized Therapies:

Our personalised treatments consider your physical, psychological, cultural, and social factors for a therapy tailored to you.

Convenient Appointments

Offering early morning, late evening, and Saturday slots, we cater to your schedule.

Trusted by Insurers

Registered with major insurance companies, including BUPA and AXA PPP, ensuring hassle-free procedures.

Privacy Assured

With tranquil treatment rooms ensuring comfort and privacy, your session will be a rejuvenating experience.

Home Visits

Our physiotherapists can conduct visits to your home when needed, ensuring your comfort and convenience.

Your Trust, Our Pride

Patient Stories that Inspire Us

Hear first-hand from those who've experienced the transformative power of CK Physiotherapy's personalised treatments.

Hussain S

I've been going to see Bryan off and on for a few years now, mainly back issues. If I followed his instructions, I would probably see him a lot less, but that’s on me! I have seen about 10 physios over the last 15 years, and Bryan is definitely in the top tier. Knows what he's doing, is very professional, and carries out proper treatment for the full session. CK Physiotherapy, as a whole, is very organised and very polite every time I call. Would recommend.


It is one of the best physios I have seen in my 10+ years of seeing physiotherapists at times. (private & public health). Angela was great, a true specialist, and knew her field of physiotherapy very, very well. I can't wait to get started on my rehab program and work with your support to return from injury!

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Ready for Positive Change?

Begin Your Journey to Better Health with CK Physiotherapy

Dive Deeper into Wellness

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